This is the place where you will find links to some of the articles John has written and published in the mainstream media. Come back soon for the latest!

News-Optimist, November 2011: Adventures on the Campaign Trail

News-Optimist, November 2011: Election night -- Cox Wins and Taylor concedes

News-Optimist, November 2011: Bater rounds up big Liberal guns

News-Optimist, October 2011: Maple Leaf Foods closing Battlefords plant

News-Optimist, October 2011: Premier Wall hammers NDP on costs

News-Optimist, September 2011: Column -- Layton was approachable

News-Optimist, September 2011: Bater gears up for busy fall for Liberals

Cairns on Cinema, September 2011: Memories of TIFF

Cairns on Cinema, September 2011: Summer box office wrap-up

News-Optimist, June 2011: Wall tours Saskatchewan Hospital

News-Optimist, June 2011: Column -- Ticket prices for pro sports are through the roof

News-Optimist, May 2011: Teachers march in the streets

News-Optimist, May 2011: Chisholm bids farewell to legislature

News-Optimist, May 2011: Column -- Voters blow off steam at the polls

News-Optimist, May 2011: Ritz wins as Tories form majority

News-Optimist, April 2011: Column -- Election has been much ado about nothing

News-Optimist, February 2011: How to make the most of your Las Vegas vacation 

News-Optimist, February 2011: Wall offers revenue sharing, tax relief at SUMA convention

Cairns on Cinema, January 2011: 2010 Box Office Year in Review

News-Optimist, December 2010: Frustration boils over for North Stars

News-Optimist, December 2010: Death ruled accidental

News-Optimist, November 2010: Liberal leader Ryan Bater says gov't should back off on PotashCorp deal

News-Optimist, November 2010: Premier's Dinner in Lloydminster gets fogged out

News-Optimist Blog, November 2010: Stupid news story of the week: Cheerleaders in the NHL

News-Optimist, October 2010: NDP Leader Lingenfelter welcomes Wall's change of heart

News-Optimist, October 2010: Fighting fire with the pros

Cairns on Cinema, September 2010: Roger Ebert’s new movie review show coming to a TV near you

News-Optimist, September 2010: Wholesale Club fire was arson, says fire department  

News-Optimist, September 2010:  Barbara Glanz prepares for the Battlefords

News-Optimist, September 2010: Column -- Roughriders truly represent the province

Cairns on Cinema, September 2010: September at the movies

Cairns on Cinema, August 2010: Review: Piranha 3D

Regional Optimist, August 2010: Layton calls for extension

News-Optimist, August 2010: Column -- Weather woes are driving everyone crazy

Cairns on Cinema, July 2010: Mel Gibson is in big, big trouble

Cairns on Cinema, July 2010: Summer movie season hasn't been a big hit

News-Optimist, July 2010: Photo Gallery -- State of Emergency in North Battleford

News-Optimist Blog, February 2010: Column -- Crime is out of control in the Battlefords

News-Optimist Blog, November 2009: The Riders need a new stadium: It’s time