Monday, May 14, 2012


I really do not have very much to say tonight about the 2012 television upfronts that are happening this week in LA. I will link you up here, though, to the Hollywood Reporter and their constant feed of the happenings down there

I suppose the big news came from the FOX upfront today, which announced Glee was moving to Thursdays to make room for a Tuesday comedy block. In other news, an Obama speechwriter is getting his sitcom onto TV.

Honestly, though, I have far less interest in network television these days due to the fact that I am always swamped at work. I never have enough of a chance to watch TV at night, due largely to all these meetings I have to attend.

Besides that, I just find I'm not into the shows that are on the air these days. Most of the shows I'm interested in are on CABLE, on weekends. And a lot of the shows I prefer are pretty much sports-related. Anyway, I am just too zonked out from all the rest of the stuff I've been covering to really give my opinion on the TV situation, but I do plan to weigh in later on in the week. Stay tuned for more coverage of the upfronts as the week progresses, folks.

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