Saturday, May 26, 2012


I really don't have a lot of news to report right now. I've had a really hard week and unfortunately there just isn't a lot going on where I am. We are in the black hole between hockey and football season where I am. Unfortunately, that means soccer, and that sport is depressing the fans from coast to coast right across Canada.

I'm tuning in to the Toronto FC-Philadelphia Union game, two terrible teams, Toronto FC is trying to stop a lousy 0-9 start. Last week I watched Toronto FC's game with DC United on TV and FC looked just terrible.

Today, they're actually tied 0-0. I guess you can bring out the champagne if this score holds up. If this were any other league in the world, Toronto FC would be sent down.

Unbelievable. The fans of this team ought to be mad as hell, and they are -- the place is full of empty seats in Toronto. Now, earlier this week Toronto FC played and actually won the Canadian championship. What the heck does that tell you? Toronto FC can't win a game in the league, and yet they're the Canadian champion?!

This absolutely brings new meaning to the phrase "what a joke." The other Canadian teams have got to be totally embarrassed. And as far as I am concerned the Stanley Cup Finals cannot begin soon enough.

UPDATE: HOLY @%^& they actually WON THE GAME!

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