Thursday, May 03, 2012


The US Republican presidential race continues to grind to a conclusion with yesterday's news that Newt Gingrich has finally called it quits. Unfortunately, this is surely a case of Newt hanging in way beyond his expiry date, because he bows out in debt to the millions of dollars.

This is why, unfortunately, presidential candidates should get out of races while the getting is still good. Sadly, people still haven't learned from mistakes made by past presidential candidates such as John Glenn, who ended up in hock for years from his failed 1984 presidential run.

Newt probably should have quit the 2012 race the moment Rick Santorum swept those Midwest primaries (Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado) to emerge as the main challenger to Mitt Romney. That was the end for Gingrich right there. Instead, Gingrich hung in and all that did for him was waste a lot of money.

Presidential candidates whose campaigns are not doing well really do have to swallow their pride and shut down, just to keep the candidate from ending up in the sinkhole financially. I'm afraid Newt might have gotten some bad advice from some of his political people on this one.

Romney has already declared victory after last week's five-state sweep, including in Delaware which was Gingrich's last stand. The only GOP contender still nominally in the race against Romney is Ron Paul, and that's like running against no one at all.

So, what's CNN going to do now that the GOP presidential race is kaput? Their ratings are already starting to fly away.

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