Wednesday, May 16, 2012


You know, I was thinking it over and wondering -- where would I rather be this time of year if I were an entertainment reporter? Would I want to be at the TV upfronts -- or would I want to be at the Cannes Film Festival?

It's got to be Cannes for me. The reason is simple: Diane Kruger sightings.

(True fact: I have actually seen Diane Kruger on a red carpet with my own two eyes, at the Toronto International Film Festival. No joke. She's definitely one of my favorite actresses for that reason alone.)

Plus, you have all the glamour at Cannes so I think that beats TV previews in LA hands down.

For coverage of Cannes, here are the links to Variety, the Hollywood Reporter, and Movieline. There are probably more but I think that will have to do for now. Also, Variety has a live stream going daily from the festival. Fun stuff.

UPDATE: Here's Deadline Hollywood's coverage, and here's Hollywood Elsewhere. As for Variety, you can forget them because they're behind a paywall.

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