Sunday, May 20, 2012


I was tempted to put up a title that read "The Avengers Assassinate the Dictator", because that was also what happened this weekend at the box office.

The fastest-grossing domestic release in history (hitting the $400 million mark on Thursday) has taken down a number of competitors this weekend, based on this update from Nikki Finke.  The Avengers had a $55 million weekend for its third first-place weekend finish in a row; meanwhile it is a dismal $25 million for Battleship and a lousy $17 million for The Dictator, which opened Wednesday and is up to $24 million since its Wednesday release date. 

I cannot say I am surprised that this Dictator movie played so poorly, because I think a lot of people are turned off by now by Sacha Baron Cohen and his whole schtick. I think a lot of people, particularly Americans, just find his humor disgusting. The Euro folks seem to put up with him, though. He was seen this week at the Cannes Film Festival wearing his Dictator beard and partying it up on a yacht with girls in bikinis.

Bottom line is the people of America have spoken, and they have booted The Dictator out of office. Another movie that did badly this weekend was What to Expect When You're Expecting at $10.3 million, but really, what did you expect?

Last weekend, it was Tim Burton's flick Dark Shadows that also got mowed down by The Avengers. I think this shows you the feast or famine nature of Hollywood. It's typical these days for one movie to clean right up and dominate, and leave the rest of the competing movies starving in its wake.

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