Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Welcome to our live coverage of Super Tuesday's primaries and caucuses in the USA. The polls are about to close in three states just as I write this now, and the big contests tonight are yet to come, in Ohio, Tennessee and Oklahoma. CNN has the latest update here.

The question is whether Mitt Romney will be able to clean up tonight and finally put an end to this sideshow involving these obvious pretenders Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.

I doubt it. This weekend I tuned into NASCAR radio on satellite radio and heard, no joke, a Rick Santorum political ad! The ad blasted Romney and called him a liberal who was no different than Obama, and was complete with Santorum himself approving this message! So I don't know, folks. There seem to be a lot of conservative voters out there who aren't all that thrilled with Romney.

Also due tonight are results from North Dakota which interests me because of all the times I've been there. North Dakota ranks as the most popular state among Saskatchewan cross-border shoppers, plus we sports fans listen to our sports-talk radio from there. Anyway, that race seems to be completely unpredictable.

FIRST POLL CLOSINGS: CNN projects Newt Gingrich wins Georgia. No projection yet in Virginia and Vermont, though they think Romney's ahead.

More Super Tuesday results to come.

UPDATE: Projected winners are Romney in Vermont, Virginia and Massachussetts and Santorum in Oklahoma. Ohio and Tennessee are still too close to call.

Newt Gingrich is giving his Georgia victory speech right now. (7:49pm CST)

SECOND UPDATE: Now hearing word Santorum won Tennessee (7:51 CST).

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