Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Welcome back to another fabulous edition of News from Nowhere on this beautiful March day. Boy, do I have a lot to cover from the past week or so -- like the embarrassing St. Patty's Day riots in London, Ontario, the outrageous sexual abuse sentence that ex-coach Graham James got in Winnipeg, the earthquake in Mexico, Rod Blagojevich going to jail, and so on.

Of course, the big story from the world of sports last week was the news quarterback Peyton Manning signed with the Denver Broncos, and you know what that meant -- all the Christians were all upset that Tim Tebow was getting traded. As it turned out, he went to the New York Jets.

In other sports news, the NHL season continues to crawl to the finish line, and the end couldn't come fast enough for the sinking Toronto Maple Leafs, who were officially eliminated last night to a chorus of boos and hisses in Toronto. Here's a story about the mess in Toronto.

Also nearing the end: the Winnipeg Jets, who lost 4-2 to the New York Rangers. Well, what can you say about the Jets other than the fact that Winnipeg fans shouldn't have expected much more than what they got out of them this season. It sure looks like Canada will have only two teams in the Stanley Cup playoffs: Vancouver and Ottawa. That ought to make for some interesting TV ratings for the CBC.

The American GOP presidential race is not over yet, but as I said, the fat lady is doing her concert tour. Right now the Newt Gingrich campaign seems to be in the most trouble. For one thing, the papers have pulled their reporters from the campaign. For another, the campaign is having to cut costs and Gingrich had to shake up his campaign team. All in all, the Gingrich campaign looks like a sinking ship.

In political news from here in frozen Canada the Alberta election is on and promises to be a big brawl between the two female leaders of the Alberta PCs and Wildrose. Also coming up later this week in Ottawa -- an actual brawl between MP Justin Trudeau and Senator Patrick Brazeau to fight cancer. Interesting stuff.

And speaking of boxing, some sad news -- legendary boxing writer Bert Randolph Sugar has passed away.

Finally, and I'll end with this for now, The Hunger Games set all kinds of box-office records for a non-sequel release in the month of March. It made a domestic $155 million last weekend, the third-highest in history behind The Dark Knight at $158 million and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 at $169 Million; the highest weekend haul in history for a non-sequel ever, highest non-sequel opening day ever ($68 million), and highest March opening weekend ever.

That is it for today.

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