Saturday, March 24, 2012


I am watching the NDP continue to look goofy on TV with their continued problems with online voting. We're seeing delegates in the convention hall holding up their iPads on TV, showing how they are locked out of voting.

Anyway, this kind of chaos is nothing new for leadership votes. There was one time in Nova Scotia when the Liberals' leadership phone-in vote was so riddled with problems that they had to cancel the whole thing. Now, that was way more embarrassing than what is going on here.

At least the NDP is doing the right thing by extending the voting hours so that everyone can eventually vote -- there have been conventions I know of where people were too obsessed about making sure they were on time, and who hung out to dry all the people who were having problems casting their votes. Unfortunately, extending the voting hours is also delaying the inevitable and making the party look bad on TV, with all the TV people making rude comments about it all.

I should note that delays are nothing new at conventions. I remember the 2004 provincial PC convention I was at in Ontario, and they took forever counting the ballots, and it went on and on and on. Listen, leadership votes are usually chaotic and don't run according to a script. The TV news anchors and reporters need to calm down.

As for where the NDP race stands now, it is down to three people with Thomas Mulcair still leading with 38 percent of the vote. Peggy Nash dropped from the ballot after the second-ballot results and, in keeping with the Kumbaya nature of this convention, refused to divulge who she would support next. So this convention is actually pretty boring that way, with not a lot of wheeling and dealing going on and, really, not as much division as the media would want you to assume.

Coverage of the convention is here from CTV.

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