Tuesday, March 13, 2012


As you know, Courtney Robertson was the lucky lady who got the marriage proposal from Bachelor Ben Flajnik on The Bachelor finale last night.

Why am I not surprised? The rumors about Courtney winning were flying for weeks on end. Besides, it was so obvious this 'bad girl' was the star of this year's show. All the tabloids were running stories about her.

It seems everyone else on the show hated her, based on the previous week's cat-fest where the contestants all got together before Chris Harrison and piled on Courtney. Not only that, but everyone in America hates her too. I understand this is because she hasn't acted like any Bachelor contestant in history. Apparently the regular viewers of this show expect the winning Bachelorette to be some boring girl-next-door type, and were offended by Courtney's brazen outrageousness and (according to Huffington Post) her 'penchant for nudity', doffing her clothes at the drop of a hat.

She was apparently sunbathing topless and skinnydipping and doing all these crazy things this season. I haven't been watching this season so I can't really tell you what I think of Courtney or her personality. All I know is based on these screaming headlines about the show in the supermarket tabloids. But if this exhibitionism is really what she was up to, then no wonder she won! There are probably lots of guys who are turned on by her antics. 

You know, Courtney reminds me of Richard Hatch, that guy who won the first season of Survivor. He was another outrageous individual who everyone hated, and Hatch also couldn't keep his clothes on. Just like Courtney.

Anyway, I didn't watch the finale last night either, and I gotta say, I worry for the people hooked on this show and on reality TV. This stuff rots your mind, and reality show fans  really do need some lives. Then again, I'm one of the people hooked on following sports, and sports is just as crazy and stupid as reality TV is.

(Speaking of which -- there's a flimsy rumor going around that Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow could be picked to be the next Bachelor. To which sports fans say: God help us all.)

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