Friday, March 23, 2012


Well, today was my day off at work -- for most of the day, anyway, because I did go in in the morning. So what have I been doing?

Why, what else. I've watched the NDP Leadership Convention, held this year at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Of course I find that interesting because of the two leadership conventions I was at in the early 2000s at the same venue. Still, I should have found something else to do, since it has been all politics for me all this week.

I happened to tune into the CBC coverage right at the very moment that former NDP leader Ed Broadbent went on a rant against frontrunner Thomas Mulcair, saying on CBC that Mulcair's speech was a "bomb" right in front of Evan Solomon and Alexa McDonough. Then I saw former MP Lorne Nystrom, a Mulcair backer, also go on CBC and slam Broadbent for trashing Mulcair. All in all, it wasn't a very dignified show today on TV; then again, the media people may be making a bit too much of the whole thing, too. It livened up the day, anyway.

As well, a lot of people were going over the speeches in the hall and noticed Mulcair seemed to rush through his speech, while Peggy Nash ended up getting cut off at the end. So the pressure was really on the candidates today, but the way the process works this year, a lot of votes were already cast, so who knows whether it will have an impact.

Right now is the big tribute to Jack Layton in prime time. You can catch the coverage of the convention here from CBC, from Global and from CTV News. First ballot results are tomorrow morning, bright and early.

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