Sunday, February 26, 2012


Here I was all excited about watching the Daytona 500 and about having something to watch on Sunday afternoons, finally, with my beloved football over and done with.

Well, unfortunately it has rained today at Daytona. A race that was supposed to have started hours ago is still in delay as I write this. The commentators on TV say they should be close to finished with the drying soon, but this really is disappointing.

It will be really interesting if the Daytona 500 runs up against the Oscars on the other channel tonight. If that happens you can bet Billy Crystal will not have much of a male audience to speak of tonight. Wait a minute -- isn't the NBA All-Star Game tonight, too? Wow, this Oscar show will have hardly any guys tuning in at all tonight, beyond friends and relatives of the nominees and the red-carpet fashion designers.

Speaking of the Oscars -- the red carpet coverage is streaming now from the AP.
Also, On the Red Carpet has live streaming on now, too.

They just showed a replay of Darrell Waltrip doing the Ickey Shuffle after his Daytona 500 win years ago. Yecch. This race cannot start soon enough, folks.

UPDATE: The race has just been CANCELLED. The Great American Race will run tomorrow, instead -- when I am stuck at WORK. So much for a washout of a day at Daytona.

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