Thursday, February 16, 2012


I think I have the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue all figured out.

The reason they put out a swimsuit issue is because this is the sports dead season. Think about it. The NFL is over, and there's literally nothing much on tap until NASCAR's Daytona 500 and the March Madness begins -- and baseball is still weeks away.

I used to wonder why Sports Illustrated would devote an issue to swimsuits when it is so obvious swimsuits are not a sport. The reason is simple; they think they can sell more magazines with a girl like Kate Upton on the cover at this time of year than if they actually put out an issue with actual sports news, of which there is (ahem) not much of at this time of year. 

This really is a dog time for sports fans with, usually, very little in the way of compelling sports news.

Not this year, though.

This year we have Lin-sanity, and that has at least kept the sports fans preoccupied. I'm with the people who think the fuss over Jeremy Lin is good for sports.

Plus, we had sad news today of the death of baseball legend Gary Carter.

Oh, and it was a big day of free agent signings in the CFL, so football fans still have something to be interested in.

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