Tuesday, February 28, 2012


On to Super Tuesday next week. Story of tonight's results from MSNBC.


Welcome back to the CAIRNS BLOG live continuing coverage of the US presidential race! Tonight is primary election night in Michigan and Arizona. The polls have closed in Michigan and results are coming in, and as of now the results could not be any closer between Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney.

Here's a live stream and results from Michigan on Detroit's WXYZ. Also, as usual, CNN.  Enjoy.

Monday, February 27, 2012


What a bizarre night.

So anyway, I left for city council right on schedule just before 8pm local time, over two hours ago. Now the meeting's over and, much to my surprise, not only is the Daytona 500 not over but this thing has been redflagged. It turns out there was a scary jet-fuel fire involving the car of Juan Pablo Montoya, who spun into a safety truck.

Fortunately everyone is all right, but they have spent over an hour cleaning up the track, waiting to resume the race with 40 laps to go. But even that is up in the air. Unfortunately, there are storms in the area threatening the track, and if it moves in and pours on the drivers, then that will be it for the Daytona 500 and Dave Blaney will end up declared the winner.

What a night. At least now I'm back home and able to watch this thing now -- what there is of it.

UPDATE: The cleanup is over and the racers are returning to their cars!! BOOGITY BOOGITY BOOGITY!!!


Yes, the oft-postponed race is finally on for prime time on FOX at 7pm EST/6 Central! Boogity boogity boogity!

And I am not happy about it at all, because instead of sitting at home watching the whole race, I'm going to have to cut out about an hour and a half in to go cover a city council meeting tonight!

All I hope is for a short council meeting and plenty of crashes and cleanup at Daytona -- then maybe I'll be able to catch the very end of the race tonight. Good luck with that.

UPDATE: No sooner has the race started than there has been a big wreck involving several cars, including Jimmie Johnson and Danica Patrick. Wow, scary business. Maybe I shouldn't be hoping for crashes tonight.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Here I was all excited about watching the Daytona 500 and about having something to watch on Sunday afternoons, finally, with my beloved football over and done with.

Well, unfortunately it has rained today at Daytona. A race that was supposed to have started hours ago is still in delay as I write this. The commentators on TV say they should be close to finished with the drying soon, but this really is disappointing.

It will be really interesting if the Daytona 500 runs up against the Oscars on the other channel tonight. If that happens you can bet Billy Crystal will not have much of a male audience to speak of tonight. Wait a minute -- isn't the NBA All-Star Game tonight, too? Wow, this Oscar show will have hardly any guys tuning in at all tonight, beyond friends and relatives of the nominees and the red-carpet fashion designers.

Speaking of the Oscars -- the red carpet coverage is streaming now from the AP.
Also, On the Red Carpet has live streaming on now, too.

They just showed a replay of Darrell Waltrip doing the Ickey Shuffle after his Daytona 500 win years ago. Yecch. This race cannot start soon enough, folks.

UPDATE: The race has just been CANCELLED. The Great American Race will run tomorrow, instead -- when I am stuck at WORK. So much for a washout of a day at Daytona.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Watching John Glenn orbit the earth?

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I think I have the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue all figured out.

The reason they put out a swimsuit issue is because this is the sports dead season. Think about it. The NFL is over, and there's literally nothing much on tap until NASCAR's Daytona 500 and the March Madness begins -- and baseball is still weeks away.

I used to wonder why Sports Illustrated would devote an issue to swimsuits when it is so obvious swimsuits are not a sport. The reason is simple; they think they can sell more magazines with a girl like Kate Upton on the cover at this time of year than if they actually put out an issue with actual sports news, of which there is (ahem) not much of at this time of year. 

This really is a dog time for sports fans with, usually, very little in the way of compelling sports news.

Not this year, though.

This year we have Lin-sanity, and that has at least kept the sports fans preoccupied. I'm with the people who think the fuss over Jeremy Lin is good for sports.

Plus, we had sad news today of the death of baseball legend Gary Carter.

Oh, and it was a big day of free agent signings in the CFL, so football fans still have something to be interested in.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Alas, another musical legend has passed before their time. Tonight's Grammy awards show is going to be a really somber affair after this news.


Mitt Romney won a narrow victory over Ron Paul in Maine's caucuses yesterday. He also won the straw poll at CPAC over Rick Santorum, which really doesn't mean a thing in terms of delegates but at least gives him the appearance of some momentum after being trounced last Tuesday night. Boy, did Romney ever need these wins after what happened earlier. As for Ron Paul, he has still not won a thing. The race for the White House continues to be a bumpy ride.

Thursday, February 09, 2012


Where I am these days, a lot of folks have been heading off for winter getaways to these sunnier, warmer destinations.

I have been looking over these possible travel deals and have been thinking of a winter getaway myself. But I have cold feet about the whole thing because of these horror stories making the news lately about cruise liners sinking, of people getting beat up and killed in Mexico, and of people getting sick at resorts in Cuba. Just this week I heard that people are now getting sick on the cruise ships, too. You cannot seem to escape these bad stories.

Anyway, I wrote about all this news in my column this month. It should be good for a few laughs. 


The one thing more exciting than following the US presidential race right now is the OSCAR race. My Cairns on Cinema column this week looks at that race and how the main contenders stack up for Best Picture, especially considering all the other awards that have been handed out recently (the Golden Globes, the Director's Guild, the SAG Awards and so on).

Right now it appears as if The Artist is the decided frontrunner, but other movies could still take it down.

In any event, my column is now up. The Oscars go to somebody on the evening of February 26.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Welcome to our latest update of the presidential race in the USA, where there has been yet another twist and turn in this crazy race for the White House.

Rick Santorum surprised everyone Tuesday by sweeping all three of the presidential contests on the GOP side. Now granted, these were mainly beauty contests, and the Missouri primary didn't even count for any delegates. But it does give Santorum a good dose of momentum as he won not only Missouri and Minnesota, but Colorado as well.

What this really means is that Santorum is assured of being on the ballot all the way through Super Tuesday next month, and should surely rake in the dollars in fundraising. These victories make Santorum at least look like he's a viable candidate now instead of some also-ran likely to withdraw from the race; plus, it should help get the media off his back. Rick Santorum is officially off the canvas.

Moreover, this result poses problems for everyone else in the race. It causes problems for Mitt Romney who doesn't look like he's so inevitable now after being slaughtered so completely. In fact, there's now even worry that Romney could even lose the contest in Michigan coming up, and if that happens all bets for him are off.

This Santorum sweep also causes a heap of problems for Newt Gingrich. Having Santorum continue to stick around as a viable candidate is sure to split the right-of-Mitt vote. Worse yet, Santorum could yet still emerge as the alternative to Romney instead of Gingrich, which could cause some of the people leaning to Gingrich to reconsider and maybe jump ship. 

Of course, Ron Paul has problems of his own having not won a race yet. But he did finish second in Minnesota -- which is progress, I guess. He doesn't look like he's on track to win a thing, though.

Anyway, we can all look forward to CNN primary election night coverage for weeks on end after this result. At least it gives the political junkies something to do.

Monday, February 06, 2012


Check out this clip: EXTRA hostess Maria Menounos bet everyone that her beloved New England Patriots would win the Super Bowl, and that if the NY Giants won she would go to Times Square and host her show in a bikini.

Well, we all know what happened. You've got to see this to believe it. Fun stuff from Maria Menounos.video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player


Well, our congratulations go out to the big winners of Super Bowl XLVI -- Doritos, and of course Chrysler (Clint Eastwood.)

Also, uh, to the New York Giants, too, for winning the game.

And NO congratulations to M.I.A. for flipping the bird during Madonna's half-time show. As an aside -- why the heck do these sorts of half-time incidents always happen during Super Bowl games involving the New England Patriots?

NBC ended up having to issue an apology for the finger incident, although it really ought to be M.I.A. who should apologize to both NBC and the NFL for such epic disrespect. As usual, the off-field stuff upstages the actual game at the Super Bowl.

Sunday, February 05, 2012


Today is Super Bowl Sunday and part of the fun of the big day is watching all the ads on TV. Except, folks outside the USA miss out on these great ads. We in frozen Canada get stuck with a Canadian feed, so we are certain to see promos for Smash and other shows no football fan will watch on CTV.

So we won't be inundated by the talking babies, talking animals, supermodels, horses and chimpanzees that usually are shown on coverage of a Super Bowl game in the 'States. Although I probably wouldn't mind checking out that Ferris Bueller car commercial.

Despite Canadians' envy of our friends south of the border, there are some detractors down there who insist that Super Bowl ads suck. Great. These guys should move to Canada!

Saturday, February 04, 2012


You know, I wonder whether even people in Nevada care that this caucus was going on today. This state doesn't seem to care much about politics. 

Anyway, Mitt Romney is ahead by a big margin.

Lots more primaries and caucuses on Tuesday. I notice Ron Paul is already in Minnesota and Rick Santorum in Colorado.


While all the big political reporters in the USA are all excited by the presidential race, with the Nevada caucuses going on today, there was some news to report from Saskatchewan about political developments around here.

Namely, it was the news that Ryan Bater had resigned as leader of the Saskatchewan Liberals. My news story about it ran this week. So anyway, that news livened up a dull week in politics, and made me feel less jealous about these political reporters in the USA covering the GOP candidates.

In other news from Saskatchewan, I was at a dinner on Tuesday night and one of the highlights was a presentation by Steve Mazurak, VP of marketing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, about the successful branding of the club and its focus on the fans and Rider Pride. So here is my story on that.