Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So the winner of the GOP primary in New Hampshire is Mitt Romney with 36 percent of the vote. (UPDATE: It's now up to 40 percent.)

The consolation prize goes to Ron Paul, who finishes second.

And the loser of the election is the entire Republican right wing, who have totally failed to find a credible alternative to Romney after two states.

Rick Santorum went down the drain in New Hampshire, Rick Perry didn't even compete and Newt Gingrich is mortally wounded after this showing. This is two terrible showings in a row for Newt, and keep in mind -- he was endorsed here by the Union Leader, and he still couldn't win.

I don't know why anyone thinks Newt still has a shot at this race. Newt should give up before he takes down the whole party with his attacks, ads and documentaries about Romney's role with Bain Capital, etc. etc. Concede already, Newt.

As for Jon Huntsman, for all the work he did in New Hampshire, his third place showing is just plain disappointing. He has hardly any money and probably ought to throw in the towel soon, which is too bad because he's more credible and far less crazy than some of these others in this race.

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