Sunday, January 29, 2012


With the NATIONAL (Dunt dunt dun da!) Football League's Super Bowl game still a week away, this is proving to be a washout of a weekend sports-wise, as the suffering fans at home struggle with an annual syndrome that hits this time of year: football-withdrawal.

It is particularly worse for people in football-mad places such as where I live, Saskatchewan. With football wrapping up pretty much everywhere (including college football and the CFL) it is really tough on the fans who tune in and follow the sport every week.

I have been struggling with it myself all weekend. This has been my weekend: I spent Saturday watching the UFC on Sportsnet and horse racing feeds on the Internet; spent earlier today watching Mexican soccer over the Internet (talk about desperation); and now, this evening, I am semi-watching the NHL All-Star Game and later the AFC-NFC Pro Bowl. Two complete nothing games that I could care not one bit about. Yeah, and I know the Pro Bowl is technically a football game, but it is a nothing football game as far as all football fans are concerned.  

What's made this weekend worse for the football fans has been the lack of any real NHL games to watch. That means I have been reduced to following the SJHL the last few days. I tried turning into SJHL junior hockey on the radio while driving home last night, which was okay. But even the SJHL will be over soon, so I'll soon be in withdrawal over that, too.

Needless to say, as a fan I am definitely not looking forward to the months of February and March, two true nothing months as far as sports is concerned. I don't care what anyone says - basketball is no substitute for the NFL. The only saving grace is my beloved NASCAR is coming back, but that is no replacement either.

The only saving grace about February and March is that hopefully it'll be a little warmer than it is now. But that's about it.

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