Sunday, January 22, 2012


Actually, it has been on for a few days now, since Jan. 19, but I have been preoccupied elsewhere (politics, football, etc.)

I am simply offering up this link to the Sundance website and also coverage from Movieline, Variety and Hollywood Reporter, as well as Hollywood-Elsewhere's usual amusing rants. I unfortunately have little to say about it all, mainly because I'm not there in snowy Utah and haven't bothered reading any of these articles about the coverage yet. I think Seth Rogen has something showing there. Anyway, let's just say I was more interested in the Toronto festival's happenings when it was going full tilt.

See, this is what happens when you put the Sundance Film Festival up against the NFL playoffs -- the football fans like me tend to be a little distracted.

Life is good for the entertainment reporters because, coming this Tuesday, it's OSCAR nominations! WOO HOO!

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