Monday, January 02, 2012


I will be here tomorrow with coverage of the Iowa caucuses, which are turning into a three-way battle between Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and surging Rick Santorum. Santorum has come out of nowhere to contention, probably because he has been in Iowa longer than the other candidates. Sometimes the retail politicking does work. The latest poll numbers show a dead heat among the three leaders. 

Meanwhile Newt Gingrich is sinking under a barrage of attack ads, while Michele Bachmann has had organizational troubles with her Iowa campaign chair quitting her to go to Ron Paul. 

Meanwhile, Rick Perry vows to fight on regardless of what happens. His focus seems to be on suing Virginia for not being allowed on their ballot. A few other contenders have joined in, protesting the state's restrictive rules. Wow, what good is democracy if you cannot be on a ballot?  

We'll see what transpires tomorrow night.

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