Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Read that a couple of TV business reporters changed their TV biz news addresses this week. On Monday Trish Regan made her debut on Bloomberg TV after leaving CNBC. As well, longtime CNBC reporter Melissa Francis also left CNBC and is now on the air at Fox Business.

There are a few stories out there about CNBC business reporters bailing out to go elsewhere, including rumors in this article that David Faber might be thinking of jumping ship. And of course, Erin Burnett was seen last week on the election coverage on CNN. Who's to blame for all these CNBC people jumping ship? Well, the NY Post is blaming the "glass ceiling that is Maria Bartiromo." Their quotes, not mine.

Why do I mention all this? I dunno, maybe because I still harbor ambitions to report on Wall Street happenings one of these days. I also notice TVNewser has been running videos of interviews they did with Fox Business reporter Sandra Smith, so I found that interesting as well.

Anyway, enough about all that, there is a presidential primary to cover.  

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