Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Just as recent polls from the weekend predicted, Mitt Romney socked it to Newt Gingrich in the Florida primary tonight. Fifty delegates were at stake and Romney now claims all of them from Florida.

Now it is on to the caucuses in my favorite state -- Nevada.

Already Rick Santorum and Ron Paul have been hard at work campaigning in the Silver State, so Mitt and Newt have some catching up to do there in the desert.

The good news for Floridians now is that they don't have to watch any more attack ads on TV for a while now, at least. Unfortunately, folks elsewhere are not likely to be spared the same fate, as Newt pledges to fight on to the bitter end. The sooner this primary fight is over with, the better it will be for the GOP as far as I am concerned.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


With the NATIONAL (Dunt dunt dun da!) Football League's Super Bowl game still a week away, this is proving to be a washout of a weekend sports-wise, as the suffering fans at home struggle with an annual syndrome that hits this time of year: football-withdrawal.

It is particularly worse for people in football-mad places such as where I live, Saskatchewan. With football wrapping up pretty much everywhere (including college football and the CFL) it is really tough on the fans who tune in and follow the sport every week.

I have been struggling with it myself all weekend. This has been my weekend: I spent Saturday watching the UFC on Sportsnet and horse racing feeds on the Internet; spent earlier today watching Mexican soccer over the Internet (talk about desperation); and now, this evening, I am semi-watching the NHL All-Star Game and later the AFC-NFC Pro Bowl. Two complete nothing games that I could care not one bit about. Yeah, and I know the Pro Bowl is technically a football game, but it is a nothing football game as far as all football fans are concerned.  

What's made this weekend worse for the football fans has been the lack of any real NHL games to watch. That means I have been reduced to following the SJHL the last few days. I tried turning into SJHL junior hockey on the radio while driving home last night, which was okay. But even the SJHL will be over soon, so I'll soon be in withdrawal over that, too.

Needless to say, as a fan I am definitely not looking forward to the months of February and March, two true nothing months as far as sports is concerned. I don't care what anyone says - basketball is no substitute for the NFL. The only saving grace is my beloved NASCAR is coming back, but that is no replacement either.

The only saving grace about February and March is that hopefully it'll be a little warmer than it is now. But that's about it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Well, I do not have much to say about the upcoming Florida primary -- except that I am not likely to be at home watching the coverage on television.

Just today I looked at the calendar and realized the primary runs head-first into some big local event I'm going to be covering, so I'll have to be on the job that night instead. Rats! Darnit! To say I am not pleased is an understatement.

So DON'T expect much coverage from me of the Florida primary next week at the CAIRNS BLOG. It's too bad, too, because the race is really heating up between Mitt and Newt. Here's what POLITICO has to say about what's going on in Florida.


In other political news, Stephen Colbert has finally abandoned his joke candidacy for the Presidency.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This is my week for posting all the stuff that I had meant to get around to posting links to, but never did. Anyway, on the heels of my Top of the Pops post comes a link to my column this month about radio and how big a radio listener I am, particularly when it comes to AM radio. So it's kind of a related topic since radio used to be the "music medium" and so on, although it really isn't that way on AM anymore.

Basically, the reason I wrote a column about radio this month was because there was basically nothing to write about around here and I was bored out of my skull. Just as the reason why I posted something about Pan's People was because I was bored out of my skull.


Fun stuff.


The great thing about the Internet is that you occasionally turn up gems from the old days such as old ads and so on. This is a British ad from the early Seventies for an otherwise boring automotive product -- livened up by the exciting appearance of some very leggy gorgeous babes, who, upon close examination of the fine print, are none other than the female dance troupe Pan's People of BBC Top of the Pops fame.

From what I gather Pan's People were best known for, ahem, wearing hotpants a lot on TV. And, apparently, in ads such as this. I love it. Enjoy, guys!  

Monday, January 23, 2012


I was going to post this earlier but the website to my newspaper was down and I couldn't link to this as early as I wanted to. Anyway, the site is back up and now I am finally able to link to my annual Box Office Year in Review, which was published last week. There I run down the full Top Ten list of box office winners in North American domestic grosses. This year's big winner: Harry Potter (right).

Not much more to say, other than it was a down year overall for the box office for all kinds of reasons (3D, skyrocketing ticket prices) and a big year for complaints about how sub-par the moviegoing experience is these days for so many people.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Actually, it has been on for a few days now, since Jan. 19, but I have been preoccupied elsewhere (politics, football, etc.)

I am simply offering up this link to the Sundance website and also coverage from Movieline, Variety and Hollywood Reporter, as well as Hollywood-Elsewhere's usual amusing rants. I unfortunately have little to say about it all, mainly because I'm not there in snowy Utah and haven't bothered reading any of these articles about the coverage yet. I think Seth Rogen has something showing there. Anyway, let's just say I was more interested in the Toronto festival's happenings when it was going full tilt.

See, this is what happens when you put the Sundance Film Festival up against the NFL playoffs -- the football fans like me tend to be a little distracted.

Life is good for the entertainment reporters because, coming this Tuesday, it's OSCAR nominations! WOO HOO!


It could not have been a sadder end for the longtime former football coach of Penn State. The story here from ESPN.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


This race has officially gone crazy. Link to NBC News' projection.

On to Florida, where there is an NBC debate scheduled for Monday night. I wonder what Newt has up his sleeve for THAT debate! The fun never ends in GOP politics.


As usual, here are links to all the election coverage tonight from South Carolina from CNN complete with live blog, Fox News complete with poll-by-poll results, MSNBCC-SPAN, WIS-TV, and Politico. Polls close at 7PM Eastern, less than an hour from now.

Will Newt complete his comeback from the dead to win this thing? Stay tuned, folks.

Friday, January 20, 2012


I have not posted about American politics here for a few days now. Wow, have there ever been changes in the race leading up to the South Carolina primary tomorrow, including two more presidential candidacies packing up and going home.

First of all, after putting on a brave face for a few days, Jon Huntsman dropped out of the race and endorsed Mitt Romney. Romney seemed to be flying high. However, he has been wilting in South Carolina under a heavy fire of attack ads. Then on Thursday, Rick Perry finally threw in his own towel and endorsed the suddenly surging Newt Gingrich. A few days ago he looked dead, but South Carolinians seem to like his take-no-prisoners approach to this primary race.

Then there came word that Gingrich's ex-wife was going to ABC News to rat on Gingrich, with sensational, explosive claims that Gingrich wanted an "open marriage" when she was married to him.

Wow. All I could say is that Gingrich really was in a lousy marriage, given this public backstabbing he got from this woman. on TV. She seemed really bitter. No wonder they split up.

Anyway, that led up to the infamous first question of the CNN debate later that night in Charleston, SC. Debate moderator John King lobs up the first question to Gingrich, asking him if he'd "like to take some time to respond" to the ABC interview and the open marriage allegations. To which Gingrich replies: "no, but I will."

Gingrich then puts King in his place, saying "I am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that," and gets a big standing ovation.

Later on, David Gergen said on CNN that this was one of the most explosive moments in debate history and a home run for Newt, though he also defended King asking the question because it was the "elephant in the room". Maybe, but I have to say watching the whole exchange, even I was going: "way to go Newt."

Also in the debate, Mitt Romney hems and haws in fumbling an answer on when he is going to release his tax records. Then, when the moderator looked like he was going to skip over and ignore Ron Paul, the crowd booed. So they had to ask Paul the question!

Wild stuff, but I gotta say --- why were these questions relevant to this debate!? We all know Newt Gingrich's marriage troubles already, and as for these guys' tax records, who really cares?

CNN should really be asking these guys questions relevant to whether any of them would do any better than the current guy in power, Mr. Barack Obama. The next time these folks have a presidential debate, I want more time devoted to how these guys will fix the economy and deal with these rogue regimes around the world. That's what is important -- not this other nonsense they were dredging up instead.

Anyway, that's my take on the whole thing, and you can read the live blog about what happened here. I also watched the CNN live streaming from the spin room and it was fascinating stuff. I gotta say, I am hooked on this political coverage and quite frankly wouldn't be too sad to see the primary race last a few more weeks yet -- this is too good.

I suppose the other news we should mention is that now we are getting word that it was Rick Santorum who actually won the Iowa Caucuses by 34 votes, not Romney. But it really doesn't matter in the delegate count, anyway.

I'll be back with coverage of the South Carolina primary, tomorrow.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Just want to say I'm back.

I know, I've been away a while but I was busy at work the last several days. Then, last night I thought I might post, but then I realized that the whole World Wide Web (Wikipedia, Google etc) had shut down or otherwise launched their own protests over the USA's proposed Stop Online Piracy Act, and I thought I might as well join in the protest along with everyone else by not posting a thing here.

Anyway, it looks like that act won't be going ahead now, thanks to the stand taken by all the online people. I'm not in favor of piracy either, but that act really was overreaching in my view.

To say the least, I missed out on a lot of news from the past week due to all the work I was doing, such as that cruise ship that went down, as well as the Miss America Pageant won by Miss Wisconsin, and the Golden Globe awards hosted again by Ricky Gervais, and these exciting NFL games, and the US government saying no to the Keystone XL pipeline, and all the rest of it. Of course, there has been a lot of activity on the campaign trail in the United States, and I'll do a full post on that later on with the South Carolina primary campaign news, of which there was a considerable amount today.

In other news, a major mass of Arctic air has swept through my region and is sweeping North America, dipping the temperatures down to minus 30 degrees where I am! To make a long story short, I am just shivering here in frozen Canada.

That amounts to News from Nowhere for right now. I simply felt the need to show my face.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So the winner of the GOP primary in New Hampshire is Mitt Romney with 36 percent of the vote. (UPDATE: It's now up to 40 percent.)

The consolation prize goes to Ron Paul, who finishes second.

And the loser of the election is the entire Republican right wing, who have totally failed to find a credible alternative to Romney after two states.

Rick Santorum went down the drain in New Hampshire, Rick Perry didn't even compete and Newt Gingrich is mortally wounded after this showing. This is two terrible showings in a row for Newt, and keep in mind -- he was endorsed here by the Union Leader, and he still couldn't win.

I don't know why anyone thinks Newt still has a shot at this race. Newt should give up before he takes down the whole party with his attacks, ads and documentaries about Romney's role with Bain Capital, etc. etc. Concede already, Newt.

As for Jon Huntsman, for all the work he did in New Hampshire, his third place showing is just plain disappointing. He has hardly any money and probably ought to throw in the towel soon, which is too bad because he's more credible and far less crazy than some of these others in this race.


It's either that, or coverage of Jon Huntsman's thrilling second-place finish. Or maybe it's Ron Paul's thrilling second-place finish. We'll see.

Coverage from CNN, Fox News, the New Hampshire Union Leader which has both results and a live blog, and of course C-SPAN which is running WMUR's coverage tonight at 8 PM ET. WMUR also has its live wire going.


Read that a couple of TV business reporters changed their TV biz news addresses this week. On Monday Trish Regan made her debut on Bloomberg TV after leaving CNBC. As well, longtime CNBC reporter Melissa Francis also left CNBC and is now on the air at Fox Business.

There are a few stories out there about CNBC business reporters bailing out to go elsewhere, including rumors in this article that David Faber might be thinking of jumping ship. And of course, Erin Burnett was seen last week on the election coverage on CNN. Who's to blame for all these CNBC people jumping ship? Well, the NY Post is blaming the "glass ceiling that is Maria Bartiromo." Their quotes, not mine.

Why do I mention all this? I dunno, maybe because I still harbor ambitions to report on Wall Street happenings one of these days. I also notice TVNewser has been running videos of interviews they did with Fox Business reporter Sandra Smith, so I found that interesting as well.

Anyway, enough about all that, there is a presidential primary to cover.  

Saturday, January 07, 2012


Because I am watching the NFL PLAYOFFS!!!!

Latest scores: Houston winning big 31-10 in the 4th quarter. Still to come: New Orleans hosts Detroit.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


That was how thin the margin of victory was for Mitt Romney in Iowa over Rick Santorum. This was the closest primary or caucus vote in the history of the United States.

Already there has been some movement on the campaign trail as Michele Bachmann suspended her campaign today.

Also, Rick Perry had gone back to Texas to "reassess" his campaign. Apparently the reassessment is over, though, and he's decided to bet his hat on South Carolina.

Meanwhile Romney got an endorsement today from former presidential hopeful John McCain, while Santorum moves on with considerable momentum and possibly an infusion of money as the apparent leading right-of-centre option to Romney.  Also continuing on is Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich, and the worry about the sinking Gingrich campaign is that he'll just go scorched-earth negative and do all kinds of damage to the rest of the field.

We'll see. New Hampshire, the "first in the nation" primary, is up next Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Basically, virtually. It looks like the final margin is going to be about a hundred votes either way. Either way Santorum comes away the big winner in all this.


The Iowa caucuses are currently under way and I am watching a live stream of a live caucus in progress at the WHO TV website. For results you can go to WHO, the Des Moines Register, CNN or Fox News. Also live video at CSPAN. See you later.

FIRST RESULTS: Rick Santorum LEADING with 27 percent to Ron Paul's 23. Mitt Romney third at 18 percent.

MORE RESULTS: CNN now predicting it's a three-way tie among these three right now!!!

Monday, January 02, 2012


I will be here tomorrow with coverage of the Iowa caucuses, which are turning into a three-way battle between Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and surging Rick Santorum. Santorum has come out of nowhere to contention, probably because he has been in Iowa longer than the other candidates. Sometimes the retail politicking does work. The latest poll numbers show a dead heat among the three leaders. 

Meanwhile Newt Gingrich is sinking under a barrage of attack ads, while Michele Bachmann has had organizational troubles with her Iowa campaign chair quitting her to go to Ron Paul. 

Meanwhile, Rick Perry vows to fight on regardless of what happens. His focus seems to be on suing Virginia for not being allowed on their ballot. A few other contenders have joined in, protesting the state's restrictive rules. Wow, what good is democracy if you cannot be on a ballot?  

We'll see what transpires tomorrow night.


I am spending the last day of my time off from work watching the bowl games and the NHL Winter Classic from Philadelphia. Obviously I am trying to rest up as much as possible for another hectic year ahead.

Hopefully I'll have something more to say later tonight about the big Iowa caucuses tomorrow, but right now I am watching the games.