Friday, December 09, 2011


College football's regular season is basically over; all that is left is the big Army-Navy game tomorrow on TV and the awarding of the Heisman Trophy. After that, it's bowl season.

So, with that, I thought I would pass along this fun item which I had been meaning to post for a number of days now. Hopefully, it will also get all the "girl" posts out of my system -- for a while, at least.

As you know, this blog is crazy for Jaime Edmondson of Miami Dolphins, Amazing Race and Playboy fame. That gorgeous redhead has really done her part to make the whole sport of football fun for the fans. Last year, the ex-Dolphins cheerleader did a wildly popular pictorial where she donned outfits in the colors of everyone's favorite NFL teams. This year, in a unique twist, Jaime's part of Playboy's countdown of the top college football programs of the Playboy Era, post-1953.

Number one on their list? USC. (Which, I notice, is having some troubles as of late with the NCAA.)

As an example of what to expect, here's a photo where Jaime dons the famed maize and blue of the Michigan Wolverines. (Photo credit: Playboy.) You can see the whole countdown here, but be warned: the site is kind of not safe for work.

The folks over there at Playboy, by the way, have quite a rich history when it comes to college football coverage. Every fall, they would put out an issue where they would do a "Pigskin Preview" with a thorough ranking of all of the college football programs in the USA. It's great the folks at Playboy have remembered their heritage and it's great to see Jaime back reminding the fans how hot she is. She's also been heating up the cover of Guitar World these days, too.

What else is there to say? Jaime Edmondson rocks. I still think she should've been Playmate of the Year. Oh, well.

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