Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Some interesting/weird Christmas news to tell you about from this side of the world.

About a week or so back, I attended our staff Christmas party and went up to the bar and asked for a Coca-Cola. They gave me a can of Coke -- but it was a strange-looking white can with polar bears on it. The folks at the bar assured me that, indeed, this was regular Coke, not diet Coke or something else. 

Despite the initial confusion I got used to drinking Coke out of the special white can. I guess it was all part of the company's fine efforts to save the polar bears. 

It turned out, though, that the Coke drinkers were all up in arms over the color of the cans and were complaining they were getting confused as to whether it was Coke or Diet Coke, or whatever.

The backlash got so bad that Coca-Cola finally got rid of the white cans and returned to red cans for their cola. 

Honestly, I don't see what the fuss was all about! I figured out the white Coke cans were special white Coke cans for the Christmas season easily enough, but I suppose other Coke drinkers are easily confused and get easily upset over things like this.

Are Coke drinkers really that dumb? I guess so, eh!!!! And that is my comment on Coke's white cans.

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