Saturday, December 03, 2011


Well, in the GOP presidential race another one bites the dust. Today in Atlanta at the grand opening of Herman Cain's new campaign office, Cain went to the microphones and announced he was suspending his campaign. No doubt about the reason why -- the Cain campaign was wilting under all the accusations of sexual harassment and so on. 

May I add I thought it was a very strange, surreal announcement. I watched the whole thing online, and it had people going up there to the podium and giving speeches saying why they wanted Cain in the White House and how great he would be for America, all completely oblivious to the reality that he was going to withdraw. Anyway, he's now out of the race. I just hope he doesn't come back from the dead the way Gary Hart did on the Democratic side after his campaign blew up on him in 1988 -- that would just mean further embarrassment.   

That leaves a Republican field topped at the moment by Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. The primaries and caucuses are getting closer: Iowa is just a month away, folks.

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