Monday, December 05, 2011



The final tally is in for the Bowl Championship Series standings, and LSU and Alabama will meet for the national title, shutting out Oklahoma State.

Well, great -- that's two SEC teams playing for the title. Why the heck does anyone from any of the other conferences bother even fielding a football team, then, if this is what we get? Alabama already lost to LSU. Why not give a deserving champion from another conference a chance? At the very least, have some sort of system that allows them to play off against one another for a title shot?

Oklahoma State won its conference while Alabama didn't, but Alabama gets to play for the national title while OSU gets stuck with a nothing game against Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl. Like I said -- this is ridiculous. Teams from outside the SEC are all getting robbed under this system.

In other BCS news, I notice that the Sugar Bowl shafted Boise State, Kansas State, Arkansas, Michigan State and maybe some other deserving schools by picking lower-ranked Virginia Tech and Michigan to play in its bowl game, and this stinks to high heaven with me. Virginia Tech got clobbered in its championship game, and Michigan wasn't even the best team in its own state! Yet these two both go to the BCS!

People are ranting and raving that these two got picked because more tickets can be sold for the game.

Is this what it has come down to -- BCS bowls picking teams based on how popular they are, as opposed to whether or not they are any good? This is truly a joke. Boise State and Kansas State might as well not even have football programs if this is the kind of treatment they are going to get from these bowl committees. Really, why even bother playing the games? All that will happen is you'll get screwed in the end!!

I guess I should be glad to be living in a country where college football has an actual playoff system, unlike Division 1-A in the United States. The BCS really has to go.

As for the bowl game schedule, here it is.

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