Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Just a reminder to the whole wide world that the World Series of Poker final table resumes tonight with the final table of three remaining players tonight in Las Vegas. Updates here, and live coverage here. They're also doing inductions to the Poker Hall of Fame prior to the final table tonight.

It's the culmination of what has been an absolutely terrible year for poker in the US of A, but at least this tournament has been good for getting peoples' minds off of the Internet poker situation and has provided a lot of excitement. As well, the live TV coverage this year from ESPN has been excellent.

(Except in Canada, where TSN didn't even bother to show us the final table coverage on Sunday, forcing the poker fans to follow the action on the Web instead. Typical. They don't show enough NCAA football games up here either.)

Who will take home the grand prize: Pius Heinz, Ben Lamb or Martin Staszko? We shall soon find out.

UPDATE: Lamb busted out in third place and right now it's a tug of war between Staszko and Heinz.

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