Sunday, November 06, 2011


We interrupt live continuing coverage of the situation in Greece to let you know that today the World Series of Poker Main Event goes to a final table in Las Vegas! The way it will work today is nine players will play down to three remaining, and then the final three will play Tuesday for the title.

The format last year had them playing down to two on Saturday and then reconvening on Monday with heads-up play. I think the WSOP wanted to avoid a situation like last year, when the two chipleaders Jonathan Duhamel and Joseph Cheong decided to get it over with before heads-up play even began  and went all-in for the biggest pot ever. Heck, there's no glory in finishing second anyway, so why not go for it all right away. Cheong lost the pot, busted out soon after in third place and it led to a very boring heads-up showdown with Duhamel having an absolutely insurmountable chip lead on John Racener. Needless to say, it ended pretty quickly. In short, it made for very dull poker. At least with the way it is set up this year, you figure there will be more drama going to Tuesday with three players still in it.

PokerNews has final table coverage here. Also, the live stream is back up here.

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