Monday, November 21, 2011


And now, another News from Nowhere from my cold neck of the woods. Yes, where I am there is snow on the ground everywhere and conditions are getting terrible already. They tell me it will warm up later this week. I'm not holding out hope. 

After watching Tony Stewart wrap up the NASCAR title in a thrilling nail-biter finish, and after seeing David Beckham lift the MLS Cup for the LA Galaxy (good luck ever seeing Toronto do that), it's been a hectic weekend of sports. What could possibly top all that?

What else -- the return of Sidney Crosby to the Penguins from a concussion. Can you believe this was the top story on the CBC News earlier today? Someone tell the CBC that Crosby plays for a team in the 'States.

Other stuff -- a big week of TV wrapped last week with the departure of Regis Philbin from the airwaves of Regis and Kelly. Definitely the end of an era. 

In other TV news and proof that TV news is going to hell, NBC News has hired media-hating Chelsea Clinton (refused to grant media interviews, etc.) as a correspondent. Why couldn't they have phoned me up for the gig?? Even I have more news and TV experience. I've even agreed to be interviewed by the press, something Ms. Clinton has apparently refused. I don't get it!!!  

One more piece of TV news to tell you about: there's an online petition that about 100,000 have signed calling for the Kardashians and their TV shows to be booted from TV.

Now, that's an idea. Here's another: why not also boot off all the Real Housewives, too, while we are at it? Seriously, reality TV is the reason why so many people would rather go surfing videos on the Web or playing Angry Birds on their iPhones.  

In the USA presidential sweepstakes, nothing has changed. The Republicans still don't seem to want Mitt Romney (pictured), who with every passing day appears doomed to be the Best President America Never Had.

Meanwhile, these silly GOPers still have no clue who else to support in his place. Apparently the Tea Partiers are starting to be bored with Herman Cain and all of his problems (just as they got bored with Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann). Their latest infatuation: Newt Gingrich.

The polls have Gingrich leading now, which is amazing since earlier this year his campaign was in the tank and his entire staff quit. Apparently, he's now possibly on the brink of beating Romney in New Hampshire, a state Romney ought to have locked up. Will this Gingrich boom last? I dunno. He still has all kinds of skeletons in his closet just waiting to be unearthed.

I think eventually this Gingrich boom, too, will pass. Something will finish him off, and these Republicans will be back supporting Michele Bachmann in no time flat, having forgiven and forgotten all her past nutty statements. Or maybe they'll finally say to heck with it and nominate Ron Paul. Apparently, he's supposed to be surging in Iowa, now, too, just like Gingrich is. It has been that sort of a race.

I really do think these hard-line GOP radicals are going to hurl the party right off the cliff if they are not careful. They're going to hand the next election to the Democrats. I still say the GOP should just nominate Romney if they have any sense at all, but the GOP seems to have lost their senses, as David Frum is rightly pointing out in New York magazine today.

Read this blurb that the death of Natalie Wood from years ago is back under investigation as the case is reopened. 

Finally, some baseball news. The Toronto Blue Jays are taking a retro page from their glory years with their redesigned uniforms. Meanwhile, the Baltimore Orioles are reviving their goofy cartoon bird logo.

Good moves. It's stuff like silly cartoon birds that makes baseball fun for the fans. That's all for now.

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