Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Well, we are sort of in a holding pattern on the Saskatchewan election trail where I am, with some big political visits scheduled for tomorrow in the Northwest. Premier Brad Wall is holding a big event at the Tropical Inn in North Battleford for the Saskatchewan Party. Also due to visit Saskatchewan tomorrow: Justin Trudeau, here to help out Liberal Ryan Bater.

Last week it was Ralph Goodale in the city for a joint press conference with Bater on the Liberals' plans to cut spending. So I was there covering that. Also, here are two, yes two, of my stories on the Battlefords election candidates forum that went on last week.

It sometimes seems like I'm the only reporter in Saskatchewan who even bothers covering the Liberals on a regular basis. Anyway, it's good that Premier Brad Wall is coming here tomorrow, it'll save me from covering the Liberals yet again. 

In other election news, a new poll is meant to be released tomorrow by the Star-Phoenix and Leader-Post showing whether this race has stopped being a complete blowout yet. The last two polls done last week showed pretty ridiculous margins in favor of the Saskatchewan Party. Premier Wall has been going around downplaying them, warning about complacency and so on.

Also, I've decided to link you to some election pages with media coverage of the campaign. The Star-Phoenix page is here. The Rawlco Radio (CKOM, CJME) page is here. And the CBC page is here.

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