Thursday, November 10, 2011


In a week when Silvio Berlusconi walks the plank in Italy with that country's debt levels out of control and threatening to sink Europe, here is my latest News from Nowhere on this side of the earth.

Well, after a heavy week covering political wins and losses in Saskatchewan, you would think I would be ready to be done with politics for a while.

But no. Instead I watched the hilarious CNBC Republican presidential debate from Detroit. If you missed it, believe me, you really missed out.

First they went after Herman Cain on all these latest sexual harassment allegations against him. He got big applause from the audience for denying those charges. But that was nothing compared to Rick Perry, who embarrassed himself when he made a case for eliminating three federal US departments, only to forget which one of them to eliminate. He couldn't remember the third one, and even said "oops."

My goodness. If it is possible for a presidential campaign to end because of a bad debate performance, this was it. This has to rank as one of the worst debate gaffes ever.

Anyway, as I have said before -- why the heck don't these Republicans simply get on with nominating Mitt Romney already? He's clearly the only one of the bunch who's electable. He's clearly not a lunatic. Moreover, it's also clear he's the only one who can actually hold his own in a televised debate after last night's display of incompetence by Rick Perry!

Yet these GOP voters still can't make up their bleeping minds whether to vote for him or not. Get on with it, folks.  

Other news: Penn State University is in an uproar today over all these terrible criminal sex and abuse allegations against former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, all involving children. Joe Paterno was fired as head football coach last night, apparently for not doing enough to report it or stop it when he was told of it. He went to the athletic director and a vice-president at the university with what he was told. Both of them are now charged with failing to report it to authorities. What Paterno should have done was call the cops in the first place. He didn't, and now he's out of a job.

Now you have these students protesting and demanding Paterno be reinstated, which kind of misses the point in my view. Paterno had a responsibility as head coach, as a leader, to intervene and call in the authorities, and just didn't do it. So he had to go, in spite of all the rest of the good things he did during his coaching career. Anyway, it is a very sad situation, and the revelations of what went on are getting to be very ugly, with rumors being reported now of the university possibly covering it up. If that really happened, then this university is going to be in big trouble.

Finally I want to say that I am really starting to miss the NBA, there is literally nothing interesting to watch as far as sports is concerned these days on the weeknights. Talks went on Wednesday and there seems to be some movement and more reason for optimism, but there is no deal yet. Again, just as I said with Mitt Romney: get on with it, guys. Do a deal and get it over with. We sports fans are suffering right now.

And some fun news to end on now. The Miss World contest was last weekend, and guess who won the whole thing? That's right  -- Miss Venezuela won it all. Again. Venezuela is DEFINITELY still the home of the beauty queens! (Oh, and there was a lot of picketing outside by uptight protesters.)

That's all for now.

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