Thursday, November 24, 2011


Despite all the controversy from Detroiters who wanted someone from Detroit's musical tradition, or anyone else for that matter to play at halftime of the Lions-Packers Thanksgiving game today, the folks in charge said to heck with the paying customers and chose Canadian band Nickelback. That drew protests from people who thought Nickelback was terrible and a terrible choice, etc etc. There was even an online petition.

Anyway, the organizers stood firm and Nickelback played at halftime today. Indeed, there were some people booing. All I have to say is that there is a reason why folks were up at arms over this decision: these guys are no good!

It's not that they gave a particularly lousy performance at halftime today: it was more that they were simply lousy to begin with, period! I don't even remember what the heck it was they played, and that's the problem right there: all their music is forgetable.

Please, folks in the USA, whatever you do, do not blame Canada for this. It's not our fault these guys are from our country.

Oh, and I understand they play at the Grey Cup on Sunday. So much for that halftime show, then. You can't escape Nickelback, even if you want to.

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