Friday, November 04, 2011


Well, the latest poll numbers are in for the Saskatchewan election, and they remain about as bad as they have been before for the NDP. In fact, it's even worse: the Saskatchewan Party has an unheard-of 40-point lead! The numbers are 66 to 26 percent.

I gotta say, this really looks ridiculous, and we are looking at the biggest rout in the history of Saskatchewan on Monday. It'll possibly make the 1982 Grant Devine "Monday Night Massacre" look like a minor flesh wound. But I think this poll is on to something about where the public is at in Saskatchewan. You know, the final results could still end up closer, but I have to say, even a 30-point margin would be damaging to the NDP. Even a 20-point spread would be a terrible result. There is nothing good about the situation the NDP is in today in Saskatchewan three days to the big vote.

Here's the story on the poll numbers from Praxis Analytics' poll for the Leader-Post and Star-Phoenix. Also, here's Murray Mandryk's take on the whole situation. 

Also, here is my analysis of the state of the campaigns in the Northwest region heading to election day.   

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