Sunday, November 27, 2011


Since Sunday mornings are usually the time for political talk on TV, I thought I would provide this long-overdue link to my monthly column with thoughts on the Saskatchewan provincial election results from November 7, focusing my attention on the local results of the Battlefords riding.

Also, here is my First Person Adventures on the Campaign Trail story, where I recount what it was like following the leaders during the election. Sort of like "The Boys on the Bus", except I never actually made it onto the bus: I only took the picture of it (see opposite).

As for post-election news -- there is no change to the cabinet, at least for now, and the legislature returns to work on December 5th for the Throne Speech. Meanwhile the NDP have picked Regina MLA John Nilson to serve as interim leader until a permanent leader is selected next year. 


That is finally it for my Saskatchewan election coverage. Honestly, I don't know what will keep my interest where I am right now, as the major news has completely dried up and we are looking at no more federal or provincial elections around here until 2015. There was also no official "Black Friday" where I was here in frozen Canada, so I couldn't even cover that (although to be honest, I had the day off anyway because I had worked the previous weekend). Life is dull around here.

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