Friday, November 18, 2011


I'm learning to live without these greedy bums in the NBA. Friday night is usually a big NBA night from ESPN at this time of year, but because these jokers are still locked out and since the NBA has cancelled even more games now through mid-December, I am reduced to watching college football and whatever else I can find on TV. Tonight Oklahoma State is playing Iowa State in an important game with BCS implications. And that's basically about it.

I'm just trying to not be bored. My main objective right now is to find ways to fill my time so that I don't find myself feeling deprived of my usual sports fix. Right now Thursdays are taken care of with the NFL, Fridays usually have a good college football game, Saturday is college football, hockey, soccer and the fights, Sunday is the NFL (and NASCAR for one final week), and more soccer (and by the way, the MLS CUP is this Sunday). And Mondays is Monday Night Football.

That leaves Tuesdays and Wednesdays as days when I need to fill some time up with something. I figure college hoops, the NHL, and poker reruns will do me fine. 

It's not as if I really care that the NBA is gone, since my favorite team the Raptors would be losing anyway. But the main reason I don't really care is because it's obvious the NBA doesn't care. My attitude, and the attitude fans really ought to take, is this: if NBA owners and players don't care about whether their games are played, why should we?

Anyway, this fiasco has completely messed up the TV schedules of the NBA rights holders and you can see from this article what their alternative plans are. 

All in all, I should be fine as long as football season lasts. Let them eat cake, that's what I say about the NBA owners and players right now.

UPDATE: Well, that college football game sure had major BCS implications, now, didn't it? Happy times for supporters of Iowa State, winners in double-overtime 37-31. Who cares about the NBA when you have games like that.

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