Friday, November 04, 2011


I have to say that I've really enjoyed what Sun News Network has been doing this fall with their "Election Season" coverage of the provincial elections all over Canada. They are basically giving the provinces their due and going from place to place providing election coverage, and I think it's great. It's really putting that news operation on the map.

Next week, they're planning to put up a similar effort in providing live results from Saskatchewan, which may seem a little surprising since there is hardly any interest in this foregone conclusion of an election. I haven't even seen many blog posts about it anywhere from too many political people -- meanwhile, there were lots of people out there commenting on the Ontario and Manitoba votes. Still, I think it's good that Sun News is showcasing Saskatchewan and showing the rest of the country the interesting political scene here.

Today, Ezra Levant of Sun News was on the banks of Wascana Lake interviewing Premier Brad Wall, and you can see that here.

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