Sunday, October 09, 2011


Well, it's tough for fans to get their minds turned to the fortunes of the NBA given all the rest of the sports going on right now, but there have been some worrisome developments lately in the league with the union negotiations. It seems the latest talks have been cancelled because the league won't move off their demand to a 50-50 split of basketball-related revenue. As a result the first two weeks of the season are sure to be cancelled.  

All in all this looks worrisome for the NBA. I am certain we are going to have a shortened season. I would like to think the NBA won't hurl themselves off the cliff and cancel the entire season over this situation, but I am afraid they can and will. The owners seem hard-line about getting a deal done on their own terms, and now we're hearing all these stories of players signing deals in Europe, including Kobe Bryant going to Italy.

I wonder if these owners and players really understand what they are doing. They threaten to marginalize their own sport in the USA and reverse years of work building up the NBA. Frankly, with all the other sporting alternatives out there including the NFL, the NHL, college football and the like, I don't think most regular NBA fans will miss the NBA for months. Already it's clear that in hockey-mad Canada, nobody misses them at all right now.

Speaking of which -- fans in Winnipeg are celebrating the return of the Jets, playing their first NHL game of the season this afternoon versus Montreal.  

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