Sunday, October 09, 2011


I want to say right now that I am very happy with the news that The Simpsons will be back for two more seasons of new episodes on FOX. There was a big dispute this week with all this talk that the show would be forced to cut costs across the board, including the big salaries of their voice actors, to stay on the air. The talk was that the show was going to be cancelled if the actors balked! Fortunately, that situation was happily resolved this week.

Now I'm reading all the usual miserable no-lives people on the comments sections of these news articles, making snide remarks claiming the show sucks and that they stopped watching years ago. Well, I for one am still watching this show and getting a chuckle out of it. This show is a television institution and I would hate to see it go (especially since there isn't much left that's worth watching in network prime time these days).

It's great to see a deal reached to keep The SImpsons. Now, if only the NBA owners and players could resolve their differences, too.

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