Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Well, yesterday was Brad Wall Day in the Battlefords. Today was Dwain Lingenfelter's turn as he outlined the party's mental health policy at the CUPE office in downtown North Battleford. Nothing earth-shattering, as we pretty much knew the NDP was in support of mental health care and the building of a new Saskatchewan Hospital.

It was a much busier news day elsewhere. Maple Leaf Foods announced they were cutting 1550 jobs across Canada and closing the North Battleford plant. That's 330 area jobs up in smoke right here.

So that ended up being my afternoon, getting comments for THAT story after I got back to the office. Unfortunately, it also pushes politics right off the front page around here with that unexpected turn of events. Anyway, that was today in the campaign.

As for story links to what's happened here over the past week, here are links to stories I filed on the Ryan Bater Liberal campaign office grand opening from last week, as well as the previous Dwain Lingenfelter visit.

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