Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Well, this week we continue to have non-stop breaking political news, this time from the USA presidential election. Today, it's concerning all of these presidential candidates who are not in the race, but who have been under a lot of pressure from supporters to get into the field for the Republican nomination to take on President Barack Obama.

The other day, popular New Jersey governor Chris Christie, under mounting pressure to change his decision not to run, finally said once and for all that he isn't running. So that's that.

Meanwhile, the polls continue to indicate that supposed GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney (right) is having no end of trouble consolidating his position at the front of the field. The problem seems to be that the more conservative types in the party just find him to be not enough of a conservative. 

That's why you've seen a lot of support showing up for right-wing types like Michele Bachmann, who has since faded from the picture because, ahem, she is just too nuts on some of the issues. Then you had this boom for Texas governor Rick Perry, and then the Florida straw poll debate debacle happened and he has since faded.

Then you had this boom for Christie revive itself again, only for Christie to quit the race he never entered on Tuesday.

Now you have polls showing that the GOP frontrunner is --not only Romney, but Herman Cain, the Godfather's Pizza magnate. I take it the right-wingers like him just because he's not Romney. But I dunno if voters will go for Cain. He doesn't seem electable to me somehow.

All in all, it all spells trouble for Romney. He would seem like the obvious choice for the party at this point since all the other major contenders have self-destructed, more or less, but the GOP still won't warm up to him.

It's going to make for some very interesting times when the Republican primaries and caucuses get going in just three months. Try as he might, it isn't in the bag yet.

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