Monday, October 24, 2011


Coverage of the April 15th "Black Friday" USA poker crackdown continues here at the blog, as the exodus of American online poker players from the United States continues. (And they wonder why the American economy is in the tank right now -- they still haven't gotten around to legalizing it yet.)

With online poker shut down in the States, the online pros continue to move to other, freer, poker-friendly countries to play. A lot of them are choosing to move to Canada, mainly due to the similar culture and its easy proximity to the USA, plus the fact you don't need to learn a second language to live there (unlike, say, Costa Rica or Panama, two other popular spots for the poker exiles these days). 

Here's an article on the PokerNews website all about the pros and cons of relocating to Toronto, a popular spot for many online pros to move to. Among other things, famed poker player Daniel Negreanu is from there and moved back from Las Vegas after the online crackdown hit.

You know, after reading this article I want to move to Toronto, and I used to live there! I think Toronto offers a lot of advantages -- plenty of baseball, football, hockey and rock concerts to see, plus easy proximity to a lot of nearby casinos for the players who want to also get their live fix. Plus, they mention in the article the Hockey Hall of Fame -- a place I have been to more than once. It is definitely not to be missed by any sports fan.

You know, other cities in western Canada might also be worth a look by poker pros. One option that seems to be getting overlooked by a lot of people is Calgary, Alberta. Among other things, it's a very easy plane ride to Las Vegas from there. So folks who still want their regular live Vegas fix and like the "wild West" atmosphere in general might find Calgary a good fit. Anyway, it's just a thought.

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