Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Welcome to this edition of News from Nowhere for this Wednesday night, and since the baseball games are over and there are no NBA games, either (hee hee), I figured I might as well update this blog.

The trend that has been all the rage in the past weeks has been the "Occupy Wall Street" movement with these sit-ins going on all over the financial district. You know -- "we are the 99 percent" and all that.

Now they are spreading across the continent, even to Canada. Just this week I found out the city I cover, North Battleford, is having its own Occupy Wall Street protest, too! I kind of find the whole thing bizarre and a waste of time. I know everyone feels hosed because of what went on in 2008, but trying to bring down Wall Street is just going to make things worse for everyone. If measures are brought in aimed at these Wall Street bigshots, all that will happen is the bigshots will simply insulate themselves and send the misery elsewhere by cutting jobs and cutting thei own spending. And what will end up happening is that other more vulnerable folks will end up getting hurt. They'll lose their jobs while these corporate bigshots will get off scott free again! So that is my take on this Occupy Wall Street movement. The "99 Percent" need to try another tack.


Other news: the Dr. Conrad Murray involuntary manslaughter trial surrounding the death of Michael Jackson continues on down in Los Angeles and I once again am having no luck at all trying to find time to watch this thing, given all the important election news I am covering for the moment. Apparently the case revolves around Murray administering propofol to Jackson in Jackson's home, when in fact this drug should be administered nowhere outside a hospital setting. They have been putting up on the stand all these experts and it actually reminds me of a lot of cases I've actually covered where expert witnesses would be called to give testimony.

The folks at HLN have coverage going and you can follow the happenings here. That's what I intend to do, as I need to do a lot of catching up. There are also live streams from the likes of KTLA during the open sessions.


In legal news from around the world last week, Amanda Knox was freed of murder charges in Italy but apparently the prosecutors there still want to go after her and think she's no angel. If I were her I would stay as far away from Italy as possible.

Also, thanks to being preoccupied elsewhere I missed the whole Hank Williams Jr. departure from ESPN Monday Night Football over comments comparing President Obama to Hitler, the debut of Erin Burnett's new CNN show, and the passing of legendary Raiders owner Al Davis, described as a rebel to the end.

Just win baby! That's all for now.

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