Sunday, October 02, 2011


Well, I definitely have got to be losing my enthusiasm for politics in my old age, because I went to bed rather than stay up to see Alison Redford crowned as Alberta PC leader in a stunning upset. It was already past 12 am where I am and I was dog tired, so I shut down the computer and went to bed with my radio tuned into CHQR 770, where I hoped to get updates on the race in between the old-time radio shows they were running.

Well, the old-time radio shows must have been REALLY boring last night because I fell asleep and didn't find out who won until the next morning. I think it was Our Miss Brooks that was on. Or was it on the previous night? I don't remember.

You know, the next time the Alberta PCs pick a leader, they ought to figure out a way to get the tabulations all done so that your new leader can get on TV by 11pm. I remember being at the Ontario PC convention in 2004, and people were criticizing that event because the count went on and on and on, but at least they were able to announce the winner in time for the late local news!! This business of taking all night to count votes is no way to go, some of us can't hack these late nights anymore.

In other news -- the usually-conservative Sun Media chain came down with endorsements in the Ontario and Manitoba elections, but it seems the editors over there aren't too happy with what they are hearing from these provincial PCs these days. They held their nose over in Manitoba to endorse Hugh McFayden, while in Ontario they refused to even endorse anyone at all.

Well, so much for Tim Hudak's hopes of a majority. Ontario seems determined to drive itself right off the left-wing cliff as a minority government situation looms large. This non-endorsement seems to have definitely sealed everyone's fates. Thanks for nothing, Toronto Sun.

The PEI and NWT polls close tomorrow as Election Week in Canada continues. That's all for the moment.

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