Friday, October 07, 2011


So Dalton McGuinty's Liberals have been reduced to a minority -- denied a majority by a single solitary seat. Meanwhile Tim Hudak's PCs don't feel too good today after blowing a lead in the polls.

So yeah, I think it's fair to say Ron MacLean won the election -- because nobody really won in the end and more folks were interested in the NHL games on TV than in voting in the election. Turnout was below 50 percent. Pathetic.

No doubt a lot of PCs will be mad about the result and we'll get these usual knife-the-leader stories coming out in the press. I hope the PCs keep their calm and look soberly at what they need to do next, because we all saw how well the knife-the-leader routine worked the last time they tried that stunt: the party was made to look really bad.

I think the real problem in this 2011 election wasn't leadership but policy, or lack of it. That cost the party both the usual endorsement of the Toronto Sun as well as the election. Anyway, it could have been worse.


In other news, Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall is set to call an election on Monday and I wrote up this column in advance of the writ drop, looking ahead to this fall's vote. Things look pretty grim for the opposition provincial NDP here, at least as it stands right now.

Tomorrow night I plan to hang out with the provincial Liberals, covering their rock/blues concert fundraiser event. Expect more Saskatchewan vote coverage here as the campaign unfolds.

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