Thursday, October 06, 2011


That's right, folks, it's Election Night in the provincial Ontario election. The good news is we already know the winner of the election.

No, it's not Dalton McGuinty or Tim Hudak, or even Andrea Horwath. No, the projected winner is -- Ron MacLean.

The reason is because election night coverage runs right against Hockey Night in Canada. Because CBC is covering the entire opening night of the hockey season including the game between the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs, the CBC has been forced to move its live Ontario results coverage to cable to the CBC News Channel, and to the Internet instead.

The hockey fans are reacting by saying they don't want to watch boring election night coverage -- but I don't understand why anyone would call elections boring. In fact, they're pretty exciting with a lot of human drama! (Politicians losing their jobs, leaders resigning, etc.) 


Anyway, those of you wanting to catch the election night coverage can tune in the CBC coverage on the Internet, as well as CTV Toronto, Global Ontario, and CityNews. Also, the Sun News channel has live streaming election coverage, and the radio fans can tune in on Newstalk 1010. I think it really helps that 1010 doesn't have the Leafs rights, which AM 640 is still stuck with. 

Polls close at 9PM EST, so maybe you can catch the results after the first game is over.

Try and have a happy election night -- especially to any of you political folks who might be gathering as usual at Joe Maggiano's Restaurant in north Toronto. (At least I'm assuming it'll be the same crowd gathering there as in previous years. Maybe they'll just go home instead.) 

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