Saturday, October 01, 2011


Well, I am officially a geek, as I am following all the political happenings in Canada this coming month. We have provincial elections going on all over the place, with several provincial elections this week alone. Prince Edward Island and the Northwest Territories votes Monday, Manitoba on Tuesday and Ontario on Thursday. (I'll be interested in the latter two since I used to live in those provinces.)

Newfoundland goes to the polls October 11 and the Yukon also votes that very same day. Then it will be a long several weeks until Saskatchewan votes on November 7th, but fortunately people will be more interested in the campaign this year given that the Riders are now completely out of it (rats!).

This is all after a competitive May federal election, and once this is over the fun will be far from over, as the federal NDP are in a leadership race.

Tonight the folks in Alberta get into the act as the Alberta PCs are choosing a premier. Right now Gary Mar leads Alison Redford by a narrow margin, about five percent, but we're going to have yet another full count to go after the results of this count are in, when all of Doug Horner's votes will be redistributed. People are predicting Redford will get most of those. All in all, it's about as exciting as Alberta politics is likely to get, because the elections there are usually absolute one-sided blowouts. CTV Edmonton has live blogging coverage of the leadership vote, complete with a video feed from where the results are coming in.

Look forward to more political coverage and links to live election results in the coming days.

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