Monday, September 05, 2011


It has been a very strange Labour Day - or as they say in the USA, Labor Day - to say the least. For one, the MDA Telethon didn't run on "Labor Day" in the USA, because, uh, it ran the night before.

So I had to stop and remind myself at that certain point in the afternoon when I had that urge to turn on the TV to see what the telethon was up to. I was telling myself "you fool, the telethon has been over since last night!" I guess now I'll have to start a new Labo(u)r Day TV-watching tradition (ie. get interested in tennis, or something).

As predicted, Jerry Lewis didn't even bother to show up on the show, not even for a walk-on role to say goodbye. That was one weird thing about the show -- the other was how short it was, only six hours. The telethon didn't even bother with a tote board, either. No timpani, nothing. Strange.

It was just a very weird show without Jerry there, and I thought the show really suffered for it. Nigel Lythgoe said as they were signing off "we missed you, Jerry," to which a lot of people at home likely shouted back at the television "you sure @#&* did," but the MDA people are claiming they actually made more money than last year! Go figure that one out.


The other weird thing about Labour Day here in frozen Canada was the lack of a traditional Toronto versus Hamilton Labour Day football game. Due to scheduling difficulties, the rivalry game got moved to another date, and the hapless viewers at home saw the Tiger-Cats host Montreal instead. Toronto, meanwhile, played BC on Friday and was hammered.

So much for Labour Day, then, with the traditional rivalry thrown in the trash can. It just made no sense for me for the CFL to mess with tradition. This league ought to be doing all it can to boost its presence in southern Ontario, what with all the sports competition that's down there now from the NHL, NFL, Major League Soccer and the rest of it. If the CFL wants to kill itself off in southern Ontario, getting rid of the Argos-Ticats rivalry on Labour Day is a good way to do it.

Anyway, this was a strange, strange Labour Day, and I plan to spend the rest of it relaxing and reflecting a little bit before I go back to work tomorrow for what I expect will be a hectic two months until the provincial election.

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