Sunday, September 25, 2011


Welcome to another News from Nowhere for this Sunday, a weekend I am spending on assignment for the paper covering local happenings. Fortunately, there isn't much happening here, which allows me time to update this blog with the real happenings going on around the world -- such as, politics in the USA.

This weekend was the straw poll in Florida and to the shock and surprise of everyone, the poll was won by none other than Herman Cain, with Rick Perry barely beating out Mitt Romney for second. Now, I don't take these straw polls seriously, because it seems to me that it's mainly wingnuts and other radicals who vote at these things. For some reason, though, the bigshots in the press in the USA are taking this result seriously, and it has proven to be a really bad result for Rick Perry. People had been playing up Perry as one of the frontrunners along with Romney, but he had a less-than-stellar debating showing, and now this loss to Cain has exposed all kinds of problems with his campaign.

I'm beginning to think Romney's the clear GOP favorite now, what with Perry's latest problems and with Michele Bachmann's campaign going in the tank over her comments over some vaccine or other that I couldn't care less about. The real problem with Bachmann's campaign is she's too busy focusing on these social issues that nobody cares about when she ought to be focusing on telling Americans how she would lead them out of the economic dumpster.

People in the GOP want to see a credible contender to President Barack Obama emerge, and more and more of these GOP "pretenders" are showing "the wrong stuff" and eliminating themselves from contention. Anyway, it looks like Romney's ahead this week, but there's still a long way to go in this thing yet.

As for Obama, his political problems are so immense right now that there are people out there already writing editorials calling for him to maybe get out of the 2012 race. Not a bad idea. In fact, I have an even better idea -- why not quit right now?! Even CBC's Rex Murphy is on his case, calling him "disastrous". 

Enough about American politics. In other news, campaigns are going on in most of Canada for provincial elections. Several provinces go to the polls the first week of October, with Ontario voting October 6. One poll has the Ontario election too close to call, which I find hard to believe given all the tax increases and dishonesty that Dalton McGuinty's government has inflicted on Ontarians. His party ought to be way behind, yet here they are tied with the PCs. Are people there such gluttons for punishment that they are willing to re-elect him to Queen's Park again?!

Fear not -- you free-enterprise types stuck in Ontario can always move to Alberta. Recently, the always-smiling Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi went on a tour of eastern Canada playing up Calgary and saying how great it is in the West. Right now Calgary is looking awfully good as a potential destination for Easterners. In fact, the whole region is doing great. Hey, I voted with my feet and moved West. It worked for me and it can work for you.

Back to elections for a moment -- Saskatchewan's provincial vote is this fall and witty Les MacPherson has this look about the dire state of affairs for the Saskatchewan NDP. I gotta say, when you have people like MacPherson making jokes at the NDP's expense, things are bad.

As I said before -- Saskatchewan has gotten to be a really conservative place these days, both provincially and federally.

I sure hope you're enjoying the NFL season and the NASCAR season, because it sure looks like you won't be enjoying an NBA season for a while. These clowns cancelled their first pre-season week, although the folks at ESPN say it is still too soon to P A N I C.

It's also too soon to P A N I C about the global economic situation, although Europe is still in trouble and people are still worried about a Greece default.

I have no idea where that satellite that was supposed to have fallen out of the sky landed. It looks as if the debris probably landed in the Pacific Ocean. It sounds like it didn't land on a human being, which is good.

And finally in news, I saw Moneyball on Friday night. Review to come.

That's it for right now. Coming soon: another update on the new TV season, which I am absolutely not excited about one bit.          

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