Saturday, September 10, 2011


Well, it looks like I will be busy over the next couple of days or so, so this post will have to do, with a rundown on what is happening in the world of news.

First, we are on the eve of the 9/11 10-year anniversary, and if you can believe it, we are getting more threats of terrorism involving possibly a car bomb. Good grief, this is just what New York and the world needs right now -- more misery.

As for the 9/11 anniversary, people are remembering where they were. Here's what one of our local radio stations News Talk 650 CKOM had to say about their day of coverage.  Also, here is a look back at what happened at the Toronto International Film Festival on that fateful day.

While on the subject of misery,  the funeral was held today for Lokomotiv, and the team has now cancelled the rest of their season. 

Monday night is the Miss Universe Pageant from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and of course I won't be able to tune in to check out the women in bikinis on NBC, because I will be covering yet another city council meeting.

Found this piece on the Internet about Fox News anchor Shannon Bream and I found it interesting because, well, she quit being a lawyer so she could go into TV news. Not the first time that's happened. 

Also, financial reporter Nicole Lapin has quit CNBC to start a production company.

Finally, so long to Entourage whose HBO series finale show is tomorrow. I'm going to miss that show, even though quite frankly it went off the rails a couple of years ago. It's my contention this series has gone downhill ever since the season when their movie project Medellin bombed at the Cannes Film Festival.

People are saying this show should have ended years ago, but I think it could have gone on even longer had these fools in charge not completely botched the job right up in the past three seasons. They could have come up with storylines that were (a) compelling, and (b) not so freaking annoying -- like, for example, this Ari-Mrs. Ari divorce storyline they've got going.

Am I the only one annoyed with Mrs. Ari and her overall unreasonableness? She should be thanking her stars she has a faithful husband who still loves her, even if he is a blowhard and an embarrassment at times. Talk about a woman who won't stand by her husband -- what a ***** !!!    

The whole on-again, off-again romance storyline between E and Sloan is annoying, too, and E sleeping with her stepmom is a new low. This is why this show has managed to tick off the critics in the past year -- they've been focusing on all this boring/crazy relationship stuff and getting away from stories about the interesting movie projects these guys had going, like Queen's Boulevard or Aquaman or the rest of them.

Now, we're reduced to storylines about TV movie projects and this idiotic cartoon Johnny Drama has going, Johnny's Bananas. No wonder this show is ending, then, if this is the best they can do for a plot. Anyway, maybe the finale will find a way to come up with some sort of happy ending for all these jokers.

I had to rant and rave because I'm sad and mad that the show is ending, but these folks in charge really failed to deliver the goods the way they did the first few years.

One of these days this week I should do up a writeup about the upcoming TV season, as fall TV is fast approaching. Not that I really care about the coming season now that Entourage is over, but I'll try. That's all for the moment. 

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