Friday, September 09, 2011


On to happier topics. This week is a great one for a couple of reasons. First, it is a big week for football fans as the NFL is back! They kicked off their first game last night.

Also kicking off on Thursday night was the Toronto International Film FestivalBono and U2 were there for the opener "From the Sky Down" last night. The photos are here from day 1.

There is plenty of coverage to be had of the film festival and the good news this year is that you can check out the live streaming webcasts of the red carpet from the folks at CTV eTalk at this link, and from Global TV`s Entertainment Tonight Canada crew. CP24 streams the press conferences live here. Citytv's TIFF coverage is here and their Twitter feed is here. Also, for those in Toronto, here`s a fan`s guide to the festival.

As well Hollywood Elsewhere is worth reading for its usual TIFF coverage.

Wish I was there in Toronto at the moment -- Canada's home of both the film festival AND the NFL. (Well, sort of -- the Buffalo Bills once a year, eh?!)

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