Saturday, September 03, 2011


Well, people are still cleaning up from Hurricane Irene, which ended up dumping a lot of water on Vermont and flooding the whole state.It turned out to be a big problem for the East Coast after all -- the initial reports were that the damage was less than expected, and maybe in New York that was true. But tell that to the people in Vermont, which joins Minot, North Dakota on the list of flooded-out places across the USA. And power is still out all over the place.

Unfortunately, the hurricane season is still going strong. That means more tropical storms wreaking havoc. The latest place to get hit with floods and power outages now is Louisiana, which is getting hit by Tropical Storm Lee. And if that is not enough, there's another hurricane to look forward to. Hurricane Katia is on the loose in the Atlantic and it could threaten to hit -- get this -- New York City!

Oh no! Not again!

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