Sunday, August 14, 2011


So Michele Bachmann, who grew up in Iowa, has come home in triumph to win the Iowa Straw Poll with Ron Paul a very strong second. 

So the two biggest radicals in the race ended up being the two biggest winners. No wonder people don't take these Iowa straw poll results seriously for producing potential Presidential nominees.

Unfortunately, it's no joke if you sink a lot of money into the race and end up getting clobbered, which is exactly what happened to Minnesota's Tim Pawlenty.

Pawlenty finished a distant third, so distant that he went on ABC's This Week this morning to announce he was throwing in the towel and withdrawing from the presidential race.  

Well, too bad for him, but I expect that possibly next year around this time we might be hearing his name again bandied about as a potential Vice-Presidential possibility. Among other things, picking Pawlenty might help deliver Minnesota into the GOP column in the electoral college --- or at the very least, force President Obama to waste more of his precious time there campaigning.. 

Ain't American politics fun? It's not even 2012 and people are already dropping out of the race.

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